Yes, it really can be done!

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the look on faces of faraway family and friends when we tell them some of the unexpected things you can do in Dubai. “Skiing in the desert? Really?” is one of those mind-blowing moments (that even we are still trying to comprehend).

Ski Dubai is a huge attraction for tourists visiting Dubai, but seeing as there aren’t very many this year, the incredible facility is launching amazing deals for residents.

Anyone who thinks you need weeks of practice to nail the perfect snow plough is about to be proved wrong as What’s On Takes On Ski Dubai’s 48-hour learn to ski challenge.

The package takes place over two days, including four group classes with one of their expert certified ski instructors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or just finding your feet on the slopes, you’ll be swishing down the decline in no time.

Our instructor was Meryam, who should win a medal for her patience alone. We instantly felt at ease as we were taught how to get suited and booted, put on our skis, and start moving.

The first step is to master the ‘penguin walk’, a move that feels funny at first but will soon have you sliding across the flat snow. We began on the easiest slope, being overtaken by skiers less than half of our height, but we soon progressed with Meryam’s guidance.

After our first lesson we indulged in a rich hot chocolate at the cosy Avalanche cafe halfway up the slope. The ski chairs have been modified with thick perspex to maintain social distancing, although it doesn’t feel busy as the capacity of the entire attraction has been significantly reduced.

By day two, we’re really making progress and Meryam takes us up to the next level, where a steeper slope is awaiting us. Our initial nerves weren’t necessary as this slope is much more fun than it is scary.

After two short days, we’ve progressed from novice to beginner and onto Level 1 of the Ski Dubai programme. With our signed passport in hand, we’re now super confident on the slopes and dreaming of the day we can travel to a European resort for some natural snow.

Ski Dubai has modified many of its features to ensure distance can be kept throughout, including a reduced group size and one-way systems for registration. Face masks must be worn throughout the entire experience, but they keep your face warm so it’s a win-win.

The 48-hour package includes four lessons, all your ski gear, an assessment at each level and a hot chocolate after each session. Your first lesson will be 60 minutes, while the remaining three are 90 minutes each, all packaged for the price of Dhs600.

Images: Provided