The move is to enhance precautionary measures to contain Covid-19 and its spread…

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee has just announced updates to entry procedures to the capital.

The announcement was made on January 30 on the Abu Dhabi Media Office official Twitter account. It takes effect on Monday, February 1, 2021.

The entry procedure will be based on test type. It is outlined below.

PCR test 

The new update sates that entry will be allowed into the emirates within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR test result. Those who are staying in the emirate for four days or more will have to take a second PCR test. An additional PCR test will be needed on day eight for those staying eight days or more.

The day of arrival into Abu Dhabi is counted as Day 1.

DPI test 

Entry into the capital will be allowed upon receiving a negative DPI test result within 24 hours.

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A PCR test must be taken again on day three for those staying in the capital for 48 hours or more. An additional test will be required on day seven for those staying seven days or more.

The Abu Dhabi Media Office also pointed out that a DPI test cannot be used to enter Abu Dhabi consecutive times.

The day of arrival into Abu Dhabi is counted as Day 1.

Procedures apple to all UAE residents except for those vaccinated as part of the national vaccination program and volunteers in the vaccine clinical trials with active icons – a gold star or letter E on the Alhosn app, who should adhere to their respective protocols.

It was added that those who do not take the required tests will be liable to fines.

Image: Getty Images