From drawings to paintings, sculptures and video installations, Al Seef has it all…

Dubai’s popular waterfront promenade has collaborated with Dubai Culture during the Holy Month to host Ramadan Art Nights – a stunning outdoor art gallery taking place in Al Seef.

The event at the popular waterfront promenade will only run during Ramadan and will feature the works of multi-disciplinary artists – from drawings to paintings, sculptures and video installations.

In keeping with the Ramadan theme of contemplation and spiritualism, Ramadan Art Nights is inviting visitors to uncover their true inner artist and learn more about the cultural heritage and meaning behind the fascinating artworks on display.


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Come with mobile batteries fully charged as Al Seef is decked out in stunning Ramadan decor that will sparkle on your Instagram account.

Speaking of a perfect ‘Gram shot – there’s a swing with a gorgeous floral backdrop you can get a photo of. And yes, you can sit on it.

Here’s some of the work by local artists you will see on display. 

Al Seef Ramadan Art Nights

Asma Ahmed Shikoh is highlighting the importance of a spiritual heart. Her work is inspired by the power of weathervanes and weaves in the subtle message of embracing the divine environment we live in.

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Masarra Fatima Sulaimani acrylic works of art portray the journey of life, the highs and the lows while hinting at the greater journeys that await us.

If you’re a nature lover, you are sure to appreciate organic elements coming to life in Yara Manla and Raghad’s unique outdoor installation.

Al Seef Ramadan Art Nights

At the venue, there are 3D artworks on display, too. Ali Shawwa uses his 3D printed sculptures to highlight the common Middle Eastern and Arab characteristics and themes that are unique to the region from sand dunes to Arabic coffee cups and abayas.

After you’ve had a good stroll and your fill of art, take a stroll to the quaint markets lining the streets of Al Seef to get some shopping done or refuel at one of many Al Seef restaurants. You can also break your fast here as there are discounted Iftar menus on offer. Suhoor can be enjoyed here as well.

Images: Al Seef Ramadan Art Nights