Welcome to the year 2071…

It’s the news Dubai has been waiting for – the Museum of the Future has finally opened its doors. Construction on the museum began almost nine years ago so it’s been quite the wait, but allow us to tell you that it is worth it.

If you thought the exterior of The Museum of the Future was unique, wait until you step into the seven-storey high space. It is just as futuristic as the exterior and gives visitors a peek into the world 50 years from now.

Here’s what’s inside…

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Museum of the Future is divided into seven levels. Level 7 is the Events Hall and Level 6 is labelled as private possibly only open for royals and dignitaries.    

When you visit the Museum of the Future, you will begin your journey from the topmost level going on a journey back to terra firma.

Level 5 – OSS Hope 

To get to Level 5, which is the OSS (Orbital Space Station) Hope, you will need a little imagination. We say a little because the experience to get to you to the OSS Hope includes a pretty cool space shuttle simulation – complete with a countdown, realistic shuttle sounds, movement (don’t worry, you’ll barely feel it) and video clips of futuristic Dubai you can view through the ‘shuttle’s windows’ as you shoot off to space. 

Museum of the future

Once you’re docked at OSS Hope, you disembark and enter the station’s command centre. There’s plenty to see here including exploring the missions the OSS Hope undertakes, studying inventions and discoveries, monitoring important projects and more – all with a view of planet earth as inspiration.

Level 4 – The Heal Institution 

This level is back on terra firma, so after you enter the ‘Drop Pod’ back to Dubai on planet earth the journey continues.

Museum of the future

Here visitors will experience the wonders of nature – a digital Amazon. Expect plenty of greenery, sounds of the rainforest and while it is very eye-catching, you will also learn about the importance of climate change and what we as humans can do to preserve it. 

Museum of the future

The next section of this level features a library of life, or as it is called by the museum – The Vault of Life. Here, you will find a DNA library of over two thousand species where you can see stunning details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. As pretty as they are to look at, you are encouraged to participate in a global effort to repair the damages of climate change in a fun and interactive way. 

Level 3 – Al Waha 

Al Waha, which translates to The Oasis in English, is a place for humans to revive their senses and disconnect from technology.

Museum of the future

Remember this is the year 2071 and technology has advanced (compared to 2022), so here at Al Waha, you are encouraged to visit all areas to re-energise leaving technology behind. Some of these require you to go at the experience alone while the others require group participation. But, the benefits are clearly evident at the end. It did for us as we walked away with a smile on our face. You even get to make a wish. 

Level 2 – Tomorrow Today 

This level focuses on technology and explores how designers, researchers and corporations are responding to the technological advancements of our time.

Museum of the future

Technology holds the power to transform and change the way we live. Everything from environmental to cultural, social and political issues can be affected, but technology can be used to lead our planet towards a more positive and optimistic future.   

laura at museum of the future

On this floor, you will also find the entrance to the viewing deck which will take you outside. No, not out through the door but out on the inner shell of the museum. You’ll have the beautiful curve of the building behind you and is the perfect moment for that Instagram photo.

Level 1 – Future Heroes

Museum of the future

This bright colourful level is dedicated to children ages 10 and below because after all, they are indeed planet earth’s future heroes. 

Little ones here are encouraged to play while learning about how to build their future. 

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Terra Firma

Museum of the future

And, whether or not you’re in need of some sustenance, make a pit stop to the robot barista. Yep, you read that correctly. You can pick from hot or cold drinks including caramel latte, hot chocolate, matcha latte, iced mocha and more. 

Ticket information and museum timings

Tickets are already on sale and at the time of publishing, tickets are already sold out until February 26. A one-day ticket will cost you Dhs145. Children under three years and people of determination enter for free. Tickets must be purchased here.

Museum opening times are daily from 10am to 6pm.


Images: What’s On/Mark Mathew