Nothing is free anymore…

Cashless parking meters have been installed on Palm Jumeirah, meaning motorists will soon have to pay for their parking on several parts of the popular destination. So far, the new meters have been spotted on the East Crescent of the Palm, beside Aloft hotel, The Pointe and at Golden Mile Galleria 1 and 2.

While the meters aren’t up and running yet, they are expected to go live by the end of September.


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These parking meters aren’t directly linked to RTA, instead, they are operated by Parkonic, a smart parking management system, via a mobile application.

Parking costs will vary based on location but may be free in some areas if the ticket has been validated by a participating merchant. This validation can be done using your vehicle’s car plate number.

Here’s how you do it…

The process couldn’t be simpler. ‘Parkonic has a simple four-step procedure aiming to reduce time spent on outdated methods and provide an easier, happier parking journey,’ a spokesperson said.

Simply open the Parkonic app (available on iOS and Android), type in your location, find a parking spot, and hit ‘book’.

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How will the payments be made?

Payments can be made in a couple of ways. For starters, you can download the Parkonic app, set up an account for your vehicle and add money to your account. Payments will go through automatically when you exit a car park.

Otherwise, you can pay via their website or at an on-site kiosk. Rates will be set by the property owner of the car park.

You could be fined

Be wary that you have enough money in your e-wallet though. As per the website, both registered and unregistered users with unpaid parking fees will have 48 hours to top up their account to pay.

After 48 hours, a Dhs150 fine will be issued by the Dubai traffic authority.

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