Have a safe UAE National Day…

UAE is celebrating its 51st National Day on December 2 and that is a big reason to celebrate this long weekend.

During this time, it’s not unusual for residents to deck out their cars for the celebration. While these look very attractive, Dubai Police have highlighted some rules which need to be followed in order to have a safe time.

The post was shared on Twitter by @DubaiPoliceHQ on November 29, 2022.


Here are the rules outlined by Dubai Police that need to be followed in order to have a safe UAE National Day 

-Decorations must not modify the colours of the vehicles.

-Vehicles must not be overloaded.

-Writing offensive phrases or placing inappropriate stickers on vehicles is prohibited.

-The front and back of the car’s license plate must not be obscured or covered.

-The use of spray (of any kind-foam, paint, etc) by motorists, passengers or pedestrians is prohibited.

-Reckless driving and stunts are completely prohibited.

-Rallies are prohibited and motorists must not obstruct traffic or block roads.

-It is illegal to cover the side, front and rear windshield with stickers or sun shade.

-Passengers must be safely seated in the vehicle. All passengers are prohibited from sitting atop of cars, trucks or pickups.

Dubai Police did not specify what the consequences are for failure to abide by the above rules.

UAE 51

The UAE is celebrating a long weekend as Thursday, December 1 and December 2 have been declared a public holiday.

The UAE and most buildings, malls, and landmarks will be decked up in colours of the UAE flag (red, green, white and black) and residents and visitors will be dazzled by the fireworks taking place across the country. There will be plenty to see and do, from staycation offers to deals, and much more.

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