Your gateway to these lush green paradise isles just got cheaper…

Whether you’re looking for backpacking adventures, or luxury beachfront hotels on tropical shores, Thailand’s assorted treasure trove of islands are normally the first pin in the map for South East Asia. And they are fantastic of course, the pages of the Koh-llective travel guides to the country are well-thumbed for good reason. But if you’re the sort that likes their paths a little less well-trodden, or perhaps you’ve already ‘completed Thailand’ and are hungry for new pads to Thai, you really ought to start taking a closer look at magical Malaysia.

It too is blessed with paradisical pastures, lush jungles, unblemished wildernesses and suffocatingly beautiful islands. Both Penang and Langkawi, firmly in the final category, are large enough and sufficiently popular enough to have established strong touristic influxes and conveniences. Because of this, and the fact that each island offers its own individual charm, they are perfectly placed to offer an enticing, and entirely unique alternative to smashing PhiPhi once again.

And, with the announcement that Dubai’s low-cost carrier, FlyDubai – will soon(ish, from February 10, 2024 to be precise) will be operating flights into both these Malaysian marvels, things are looking up for UAE holiday makers.

Fare’s fair

FlyDubai has said that the return Economy Class Lite fares from Dubai (DXB Terminal 3) to Penang will start from just Dhs2,700. With hot tickets on bougie business class available from Dhs11,000.

Return Economy Class Lite fares from Dubai (DXB Terminal 3) to Langkawi will start from Dhs3,500. And return business class flights to Langkawi will also land with a price tag range starting at Dhs11,000.

Flights are available to book now (for February 2024 onwards) on the app, the website, or by calling (600) 54 44 45.

The flights will operate daily to each destination, with a timetable that looks like this:

As always we strongly advise you to check at time of booking and prior to your departure what the visa requirements are for your particular nationality.

Some passport holders will require a visa in advance, others will be able to acquire a visa on arrival, and certain lucky souls won’t need a visa at all for stays of less than 90 days.

Happy travelling friends.

Images: Unsplash