In anticipation of precipitation…

We’ve checked the What’s On meteorological instruments and can confirm there is a 100 per cent chance of weather today.

Our monitoring equipment, including the latest in glass window technology, allows us to state with absolute certainty that the skies are also looking quite blue and clear right now.

Wind may or may not be a factor in outfit choice, and there’s somewhere between a 0-100 per cent chance that it might rain.

And now over to the UAE’s National Centre of Meterology for an actual, practically useful forecast.

The next five days

The outlook for coastal areas over the rest of the week can be neatly summarised by saying ‘light to moderate freshening winds, convective cloud formation with associated rainfall, and increased humidity at night”.

Those rainy patches over the country are likely to reach a peak by the end of the week, but the NCM has issued an alert for an ‘expected weather situation’ on Wednesday.


Cold snap

As teased in the headline, some parts of the UAE have experienced a pretty chilly start to the morning. And whilst, as you’ve already guessed, that figure of 13.1ºC wasn’t picked up in JLT (it was recorded in Al Ain), the minimum temperature for coastal areas has also been a bit ‘two hands on a mug of coffee-ish’ – with lows of around 21ºC.

Might be time to dig those boots out the back of the closet ladies.


Images: Getty/Instagram