Summer is in full swing…

Which means that the outdoors are now an involuntary no-entry zone. This will be the state of things for the next two months, which means that you’re going to need a very long list of titles (on Netflix, of course) to watch to keep you entertained while you reverse hibernate. Luckily, Netflix has a fresh drop, which means you can update your recommendations to add to the existing 1827 ones. Happy camping!


Vikings: Valhalla: Season 3


Cast: Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Suter

Genre: Drama/Action

Launching: July 11

Seven years have passed. As Harald aspires to become King of Norway, Leif searches for the Golden Land and Freydis seeks a happy life for her people.

Cobra Kai: Season 6 Part 1


Cast: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Martin Kove

Genre: Drama/Action/Comedy

Launching: July 18

With the global tournament approaching, Daniel and Johnny work to rebuild their team. But old enemies and new threats stand in the way of victory.

Sweet Home: Season 3


Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young

Genre: Thriller/Action/Fantasy/Horror

Launching: July 19

The world teeters on the boundary between monsters and humans, leaving humanity with a difficult choice. As desires clash, a desperate fight ensues.

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 4 


Genre: Sci-Fi

Launching: July 31

Cold cases, bizarre creatures and more puzzling events are reexamined by witnesses, law enforcement and experts in this chilling docuseries.


Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F


Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold,  John Ashton

Genre: Action/Comedy

Launching: July 3

A classic back on Netflix – Forty years after his unforgettable first case in Beverly Hills, Detroit cop Axel Foley returns to do what he does best: solve crimes and cause chaos.

Find Me Falling


Cast: Harry Connick Jr., Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Launching: July 19

After a failed comeback album, a rock star escapes to a cliffside home on a dreamy Mediterranean island, only to find his new life complicated by unwanted visitors — and an old flame.

Non Negotiable


Cast: Mauricio Ochmann, Leonardo Ortizgris, Tato Alexander

Genre: Thriller/Comedy

Launching: July 26

Hostage negotiator Alan Bender is called to rescue the president from a kidnapping, only to find himself also mediating to save his wife and marriage.


Homicide: Los Angeles


Launching: July 16

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