The Team

Mark Evans
Knows everyone in Dubai. Has no concept of time. Claims to ‘own all of music’.

Andy Sherwood
Andy Sherwood
Abu Dhabi doooooo.

Laura Coughlin
Superb at smiling my way out of trouble. Nauseatingly optimistic. Occasional writer.

Siobhan Downes
Siobhan Downes
Passionate about karaoke, cats and Taylor Swift. Loathes rugby and The Lord of the Rings.

Mike Priest
Lived in Dubai longer than you have, probably. Moved here primarily due to the absence of rain. So much for that idea. Prefers LEGO to humans.

Emma Day
Have a deep-rooted fear of having my photo taken. New to Dubai via Wales, London and New Zealand. Ill-prepared for the heat.

Aarti Saundalkar
A unique mix of hyper and lazy. A lover of chocolate and of all things pink!

What’s On Nightlife
Essential Music & Nightlife in Dubai. And the beats in our body.Follow What’s On Nightlife

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