Dubai’s culinary scene is as richly diverse as the population that keep the city moving, but finding everything it has to offer can be tricky. From the awesome Indian in JBR to the amazing fish restaurant in Jumeirah 1, there is so much to take in.

But to celebrate the inaugural Dubai Food Festival, the brains behind the three-weeks of food heaven have teamed up with a panel of experts to devise five Gourmet Trails in which those of you with a healthy appetite and passion for seeing the city can indulge. 

These trails ‘identify various routes that transect different districts as they also identify a diverse selection of cuisine and dining experiences available here’, according to the people behind it.

The five trails, which include around 25 different restaurants each, are ‘Ultimate Dining Experiences’ (gourmet or 5-star dining), ‘Best Kept Secrets’ (little known eateries), Arabian Inspirations (Emirati, GCC and Levant cuisines), ‘Around the World’, and ‘Best Cheap Eats’ (under Dhs20 per person).

About the trails, official guide, Shaikha Al Ali, says: “Being from Dubai, I have seen first-hand how it’s culinary scene has grown and evolved. There is a wealth of choice here in Dubai, from local Emirati cuisine to foods from almost any country you can think of, and successful homegrown brands such as Tom and Serg sit in and amongst international outlets like The Cheesecake Factory. The Dubai Food Festival Gourmet Trail brings together the city’s ultimate eateries, but also those hidden gems that truly deserve to be front of mind for both residents and visitors.”

To see the full list of Gourmet Trails, as well ways of making your own, visit