Editor of Waitrose Kitchen and creator of FOOD for Spinneys, Dubai. Regular presenter on BBC TV show MasterChef and author of A History Of Food In 100 Recipe.

Give us a book jacket summary of what you write. I write about food, which really means I write about absolutely anything that interests me. After all, food is about the way we live – our culture, our history, our health and what we do for fun. I’m greedy too, so I write about restaurants.

What has been the proudest moment in your career? The moment my first book was delivered to me by FedEx – an amazing feeling.

What is the sentence you would like to be remembered by? He was funny and loved meeting and collecting people.

Are you an early morning writer or a night owl? I love the early morning; the light is always better. The problem is I’m tempted by late nights, which can interfere with my more noble early morning ambitions.

What’s the most inspiring book you’ve read? Any Human Heart by William Boyd is the most engaging book I’ve read in years.

And the funniest? I keep returning to PG Wodehouse. I laugh out loud all the way through the best Jeeves books.

Kindle or a book? A book every time – battery-free, no flickering screens. I never have the need to carry 7,500 books with me.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers? Just get on and do it.

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