What’s On meets the cast of Disney On Ice in Dubai – including Beauty And The Beast and Tangled – and gets an ice skating lesson, how to skate backwards.

Where to ice-skate in Dubai

Four classic Disney movies plus 39 skaters from six countries add up to a cool show, Rockin’ Ever After, and it’s in Dubai. Feeling inspired by seeing Mickey and the gang in Disney On Ice, we donned our boots and got a lesson from some of the stars.

Jillian Eyers (Rapunzel, Tangled)

From: Barrie Ontario, Canada.
Started skating: Two-and-a-half years old.
Years with Disney On Ice: This is my third year.
Best bit about skating: It’s always been an escape for me. Skating has had a major impact on my life and shaped me into the person I am today.
Physical demands: It’s a non-stop two-hour show. You have to pace yourself while still giving it your all.
Worst part of touring: Living out of a suitcase can get tedious, especially because I am an over-packer. Touring made me realise how much I appreciate my closet at home.
Favourite Disney movie: Tangled.

James Hunt (Flynn Ryder, Tangled)  

From: Essex, UK
Started skating: Age seven
Years with Disney On Ice: This is my third season.
Show highlight: Beauty And The Beast is my favourite, as I feel we have taken a classic story and given it a Broadway vibe.
Physical demands: In Dubai we’ll have to deal with the heat. The opening show of every city is the hardest because you don’t know how your body is going to react
Worst part of touring: I miss having a kitchen as I love making an English breakfast.
Favourite Disney movie: Tangled. The first time I saw it, I laughed so much I watched it again straight away.

Maria Starr (Belle, Beauty And The Beast)

From: Roseville, Minnesota, USA.
Started skating: Age six.
Years with Disney On Ice: This is my fifth year.
Physical demands: We work really hard out there. Sometimes the audience sitting in the front row can see the sweat flying off our faces.
Worst part of touring: Living out of two suitcases, and not seeing my family.
Favourite Disney movie: Pocahontas.

Jordan Brauninger (Gaston, Beauty And The Beast)    

From: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Started skating: I played ice hockey at five, then I started figure skating at age eight.
Years with Disney On Ice: This is my second season.
Pre-show routine: I just warm-up and joke around. I like to keep it pretty light and fun. After the show I grab some food and relax.
Favourite Disney movie: Who can pick just one?

Sergei Muhhin (Prince Adam, Beauty And The Beast)  

From: Estonia.
Started skating: When I was aged six.
Years with Disney On Ice: This is my fifth year.
Career so far: As a single skater, I was Estonian national champion in 2006. I switched to pair skating in 2009 and became Estonian champion in 2010.
Favourite Disney movie: Beauty And The Beast

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