What’s On shows off the new Dubai Police vehicle that will help catch those going too fast by Dubai Marina beaches and The Creek while jet-skiing in Dubai.

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If you thought speed limits were confined to the road, then think again. Rogue jet-skiers and boats are being targeted by Dubai Police after stats revealed there had been 56 accidents this year.

Officers will use hand-held radar guns to curb reckless driving on the water on Dubai Creek and around the Marina, as well as the rest of the coastline.

Restrictions beyond 5-knots (9.5 kph) are already in place in built up areas, while in the Creek vehicles can reach 7-knots (13kph). Fines start at Dhs2,000 for first-time offenders, and double for those who are caught for a second time.

“There will be fines and punishments for violators,” General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, the head of Dubai Police, said in 7Days newspaper. “We will even seize boats or jet skis if they repeat the offence.”

He added: “They can do whatever they want if they are 300m away from the land,” before concluding that, “We want to have safe coasts which anyone can enjoy.”

VIDEO: Definitely don’t try this at home!

It is currently illegal to ride a jet ski or any motorised boat in Dubai without registration and a number plate, with reports hinting that a licensing programme for riders will come into play soon.

Most striking about the story that was released today, though, was the accompanying image of a Dubai Police piece of kit which looks unnervingly like a part quad-bike, part jet ski.

The latest newfangled machine joins the most elaborate collection of police support vehicles anywhere in the world. Earlier this year, an Dhs85,000 Can Am Spyder ‘superbike’ joined the force’s already impressive super fleet, which includes the Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador.

All are used largely as tourist attractions, patrolling areas such as the Burj Al Arab, Downtown Dubai and JBR. It’s a good job too as there’s little space for criminals on the back of this two-seater roadster, or any of their other vehicles in the super fleet for that matter.