What’s On announces a performance by Battery Man at Cirque Le Soir Dubai. Slavisa Pajkic has electricity conducting powers and holds Guinness World Records.

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He has been described as a ‘medical phenomenon’, given the name of a superhero. And now, Battery Man is coming to Dubai. Just don’t shake his hand.

Known to his friends as ‘Biba’, Slavisa Pajkic from Serbia describes himself ‘electricity’s only friend, an insulator, conductor, accumulator and heater.’ He can, basically, withstand high voltage without getting hurt.

While a normal person should steer clear of anything approaching 50 volts, Battery Man has set a record for taking 20,000 in one hit. He has another Guinness World Record for having heated a cup of water to 97 degrees Celsius in just over 90 seconds.

He will be demonstrating his incredible ‘talent’ at Cirque Le Soir on November 21 where party-goers could even be a part of his demonstrations. Among the other things Biba can do include lighting up a light bulb, cook a sausage and even sparking a fire from his bald head.

The man himself claims to be able to help people suffering with migraines, sinus and back problems, travelling around his homeland delivering short, sharp shocks of electrotherapy to troublesome parts of the body.

“I dream of showing the world things they haven’t seen,” he has said. “I want another world record, one for conducting one million volts of power so I can become a wireless laser man.”

The Serb claims he first became aware of his abilities while still a teenager.

“I was 17 years old when accidentally during work, I felt that electricity can not do anything. The rain was falling, and my colleagues made a metal fence. My friend, who was leaning against it, said he could feel electricity but as I approached and touched the wet spot, I felt nothing. I was open-mouthed, but then I realized that current could not harm my body.

“When there is a sudden power failure, my folks do not have to worry. My house is always shining. I can be an insulator, conductor, accumulator and heater.

“People have seen me on television so they are glad to meet me but afraid to shake hands.”

Battery Man’s appearance at Cirque Le Soir is part of a continued to attempt to bring the weird and wonderful the world over to the club.

In August, they attracted headlines all over the world when their bid to bring Rolf Buccholz, the planet’s most pierced man, was halted at customs. The German, who has 453 piercings in his body, as well as horns implanted in his forehead, was refused entry to the UAE, citing ‘security reasons’.

Cirque Le Soir, Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. 10.30pm to 3am, free. Metro: World Trade Centre. cirquelesoir.com/dubai