What’s On took part in and has the best pictures of The Colour Run Dubai. Our photographers captured the magical moments. Did we see you?

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Fun. If there had to be one word to describe The Colour Run in Dubai, that would be it. Team What’s On joined around 12,000 others to run a chalky, colourful ‘race’, dubbed ‘The Happiest 5k on the planet’.

While not exactly part of our Uncool Runnings Dubai Marathon training programme, it was still a good chance to stretch your legs on a Saturday morning. Here’s what they thought…

The vibe
Lively, energetic, and thumping with music. The race was a mix of walkers and runners, kids and adults. It’s not timed and the focus is more on having fun than winning a medal.

The goodies
Pre-race you get a white t-shirt and headband. At the finish line you’re handed an additional bag of coloured chalk.

The festival
This is probably one of the best post-race affairs we’ve seen in Dubai (beaten only by Newton’s rather epic buffet breakfast). Reebok’s ‘Les Mills’ trainers led additional workout classes, while a live DJ urged people to fling additional chalk into the sky. A mechanical surfboard, bouncy castle, and trampoline all proved that everything’s a bit better with chalk.

The officials say
“The atmosphere at the Dubai Autodrome today has been absolutely captivating and we can’t wait to deliver the region’s next ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’ in the near future,” said Greg Sproule, Managing Director of IMG Middle East.

Good for
Anyone who wants a bit of fun and a whole lot of bright photos.

Pictures by Ajith Narendra

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