What’s On has a Kiesza interview after her performance at RedFest DXB on February 13, also featuring Bastille, Rixton and Ella Eyre.

RedFest DXB preview

Last year you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Kiesza’s feelgood track Hideaway. The 25-year-old Canadian spent her teens as a ballerina and then joined the Canadian navy. But instead of finishing her sniper training (no, really), she became a pop star.What’s On chats to the Canadian popstar inside Reebok at The Dubai Mall after her RedFestDXB performance.

Let’s talk about your style which seems very 90s-inspired. What is it about that era that you love so much? It was a very experimental time. It was super street-orientated. I thought it was amazing that people wore the baggiest clothes in the world and found a way to make it look cool.

If you were in a band in the 90s, which one would you have been in? I loved Oasis, but if I were to be in a band it would have been TLC or maybe Salt-n-Peppa.

What are your first impressions of Dubai? It’s beautiful. It’s so clean. I spent a lot of time in New York and they just throw the trash out on the street there. You come to place like Dubai and it’s just so clean.  The people are so warm. The hotels are really amazing too. I just love the Middle East.


We heard you are a massive thrill-seeker. Any adventures planned while you’re in Dubai? I’m going dune-bashing today and I can’t wait. I’m also going to go sandboarding. I’d love to go skydiving but I just don’t have time. But I have to ride a camel while I’m here too.

Besides singing and dancing, what are your other passions? I love eating and the flavours here in the Middle East are amazing. I’ve been to Kuwait before and that’s it, but I’ve noticed that the spices used here are amazing. You just cant get good Zataar anywhere else. The one beauty of the way I perform means I can eat most things.