What’s On has a video released by 2454 Abu Dhabi of the Fast And The Furious 7 Abu Dhabi film set. See the stars and the cars in action.

Can’t wait till April 2, when Furious 7 hits cinemas in the UAE? Well this should hold you over till then.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the supercar heavy franchise Fast And The Furious is making rounds on the internet and was released by twofour54, the company who helped make the capital one of the most memorable locations of the whole movie.

With shots of the red sand dunes, Corniche skyline, Etihad Towers and glamorous Emirates Palace all making an appearance in the video – it is clear Abu Dhabi will play a prominent role in the film.

Furious 7 - behind-the-scenes in Abu Dhabi

Fans of the franchise will see Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and rapper Ludacris in the two minute video.

Hollywood starlet Rodriguez, who plays Letty in the films, says “I went to Abu Dhabi about two years ago on a visit and all the questions I got were when are they bringing a Fast and Furious to Abu Dhabi?”

The film will debut in the UAE on April 2.