What’s On supports CleanDesertDrive. A team competition to clean up the Dubai desert launches on May 22, as does a social media campaign.

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A new campaign has been launched to encourage people to clean up after themselves during trips into the desert.

CleanDesertDrive targets those clubs and companies that organise desert safari, BBQs in the desert, desert tours and other excursions out into the wilderness, as well as individuals. 

An event on May 22 will see teams of people compete for Dhs3,000 by heading out into the desert to collect what waste has been left strewn across popular camping spots and other hotspots.

CleanDesertDrive campaign launched

Launched in part by Ramy 4×4, it is hoped the mass clean up with raise awareness and help provide a cleaner landscape when the camping season restarts after summer. 

Teams who want to take part are to meet at the Ramy 4×4 Deira Showroom (below) before 3pm on May 22 and can expect to be back by 7.30pm. Prizes will be awarded for ‘the heaviest amount of litter collected’, for the ‘largest volume collected’ and for the ‘best picture posted on Instagram using the hashtag #CleanDesertDrive’.

CleanDesertDrive campaign launched

“Obviously this one event will not be the final answer to the problem,” organisers say. “However if we can at least begin to make a change then we will be taking a step in the right direction and over time we will be able to reduce the amount of rubbish so that future generations can enjoy the desert the way we do today.”

As well as the launch event, the second part of the initiative is on-going and has already been launched on social media under the hashtag #CleanDesertDrive; people are asked to share images of their own pre and post party to highlight the efforts to which they have gone to clean up.

F0r more information, and to sign up to the #CleanDesertDrive, click the link.