What’s On previews Journey Though House at Zero Gravity on May 8, featuring Allister Whitehead, Julie McKnight, Jeremy Healy and John Kelly.

The concept behind the Zero Gravity club night Journey Though House is simple: big-name veteran DJs play nothing but classics for 12 hours. Alongside Fantazia’s Jeremy Healy, Cream resident John Kelly and Finally vocalist Julie McKnight, Allister Whitehead brings his sizeable bag of tricks to Dubai.

How has Dubai changed compared to the first time you played here? The first time I played here, Dubai really was a bazaar in the desert. The high-rise sophistication we know today was in its very early stages of development. However, I think Dubai is now one of the most exciting places to play on the planet and it’s a real pleasure to play at Zero Gravity again.

What’s your all time favourite house track? The early 1990s was a great time for house and Degrees Of Motion Do You Want It Right Now stands out as a classic from that time. But Alison Limerick’s Where Love Lives is one of the greatest piano lines with some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in a dance tune, so I’ll go for that one.

What is the greatest house tune no one’s heard of? There’s no such record. Everything gets a fair crack of the whip and if it didn’t make it as a crossover or an underground classic, then it probably didn’t have the X factor. I still love Shawn Christopher’s Make My Love and Clubland’s Love Strain remixed by David Morales. They’re both amazing tracks, brilliantly remixed, and have a lasting appeal.

How do clubs today compare to when you first started out? The best thing today is the sound: it’s much better, louder and clearer – and far more stable. The best thing about the 1980s, and definitely the 1990s, was the sense of something unique happening and the all-out madness from the crowd. The worst things were the terrible sound systems and records jumping. However, back then the music was so good that we’re now having to play it all again.

May 8
Zero Gravity, Skydive Dubai, Al Sufouh, Dubai, 6pm to 3am, Dhs100. Tel: (04) 3990009. Taxi: Skydive Dubai. 0-gravity.ae