What’s On has details of new evening kayaking tours by Noukhada Adventure Company, including details, prices and location. 

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The newest bright idea on offer by the Noukhada Adventure Company sees paddlers explore the mangroves with LED lights attached to the bottom of their kayaks. The night light tour offers guests a different view of the peaceful waters, this time with the focus on the wildlife under water.

“Generally when we are doing a daytime mangrove tour we are looking up at the trees, wildlife and the birds. This is different because you spend your time looking down,” says Mark Freeman, owner of Noukhada Adventure Company.

Participants will be able to spot a variety of fish including the longsnout flathead, orange spotted grouper, needle fish, spangled emperor fish and long-rayed silver biddy.

For those who are nervous around active fish Freeman warns, “If you have a phobia against fish, I wouldn’t recommend you go because the fish have a tendency to swim towards the light and jump. If you don’t like fish, it’s not the one for you.”

The guided paddling takes one-and-a-half to two hours, and will be hosted until September. Groups are limited to six people at a time.

Tours are hosted on Wednesdays at the E48 launch point inside the Eastern Mangroves National Park or on Thursdays at the Yas Mangroves, off Yas Island Beach. This activity is not recommended for children under ten years of age. Private guides are also available.

Various locations including Eastern Mangroves National Park, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi, Wed 7pm, Dhs210. Tel: (02) 5581889. Taxi: E48 launch point inside the private lagoon. noukhada.ae