Travel a lot? Well it looks like you’ll soon be able to check into flights from a cab.

What’s that now? Yes, some Dubai taxis will soon be equipped to not only check you into your flight, but also weigh your luggage, give you baggage tags and process boarding passes. Goodbye queues.

This is, naturally, a world first.

The in-process-of-being-implemented initiative is a cooperation between the Dubai Taxi Corporation and Dubai Airports. The DTC has 350 taxis deployed exclusively at the airport – these are the ones likely to be kitted out with the new capabilities.

– Paying for taxis to get easier
– Weird things left in taxis

“Under the initiative, the DTC will facilitate the check-in formalities when a taxi is ordered by a traveller to be picked up from home or place of work. The vehicle dispatched will have the equipment required to complete the check-in procedure such as a scale for checking the weight of the luggage, issuing the luggage tag, and printing the boarding pass,” said Ahmad Khalfan Al Suwaidi, CEO of the DTC.

Pretty cool.