The force of the UAE is strong, as Star Wars may be released here 48 hours earlier than in the UK, and 72 hours earlier than in the US.

According to EW and the often-right the film will be released in the UAE on December 15, in some European countries on December 16, and then in the UK on December 17 and the US on December 18.

According to the distributor here, however, the film will come out in the UAE on December 17, and then in the UK on December 17 and the US on December 18.

But considering the secrecy surrounding everything Star Wars, we wouldn’t be surprised if the 15th turns out to be the real date. Perhaps we’ll have a premiere here on the 15th, and then general release on the 17th?

Either way, we’ll still get the film before the US and the UK considering we see daylight before the British Isles.

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So, yes, that’s right, that means it may only be 96 days until you’ll be able to watch Star Wars in the cinema here (we think that’ll be a treat-yourself-to-Platinum-Class-kind-of-occasion).

Called The Force Awakens, the latest Star Wars film is set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, and sees the return of Han Solo (still played by Harrison Ford).

The fact we’re getting the film earlier than the rest of the world might have something to do with the fact much of it was filmed in the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

Here’s a clip of director J.J. Abrams on the set: