Saudi Arabia has experienced heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding this week, particularly along the Red Sea coastline, and the UAE’s National Meteorology Centre says that the disruptive weather could mean rain in the UAE this weekend.

The low pressure system that is causing the heavy rain in Saudi Arabia looks to be moving toward the rest of the Gulf. It will then increase the clouds in UAE skies, which could mean a rainy weekend for some emirates, although likely not Dubai (but you never know with weather systems).

The UAE’s official weather authority predict rain in the northern and western parts of the UAE on Thursday night and Friday morning. We’ll let you know when they release more specific information.


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That said, Accuweather and The Weather Network are all forecasting sunny skies for the UAE for the weekend ahead. is predicting rain in Fujairah, but not until Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

The current bad weather is on the west coast of Saudi Arabia right now: 


Meanwhile, the rain in Saudi Arabia is so heavy that schools have been closed, while some universities have also shut due to safety concerns.

Here are clips of the flooding, filmed in Jeddah today: 

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