Dubai is home to 2.4 million people: 83 per cent of those people that call the city home (at least for now) are foreign born. This is according to a new report by the International Organisation for Migration.

This means that Dubai is the world’s most cosmopolitan city.

It’s also one of the reasons we think the city is so great – you meet people from different countries every single day, and can sample a unique world cuisine every night of the month if you should so desire.

The new World Migration Report ranks cities based on the percentage of the population that is foreign born, and Dubai comes out on top.

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The other most culturally-diverse cities in the world are Brussels, Belgium (62 per cent), Toronto, Canada (46 per cent) and Auckland, New Zealand (39 per cent).

The phenomenal diversity of Brussels and Dubai are chalked up to the fact that the cities have “high mobility workforces”, with many people moving here for a period of time for career reasons.

It is estimated by YouGov that there are over 200 nationalities living in the UAE.

Here’s a larger list of the world’s most diverse cities (note that Dubai and Singapore are the only non-Western cities in the top 10):

foreign-bornSource: International Organisation of Migration

Other Dubai population stats (from Dubai Statistics Centre):

– In 2014 the total population was made up of 714,175 women and 1,613,175 men.

– In 2014 the most prominent age range in Dubai was made up of those from 30 to 34 (accounting for over 412,000 people).

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