Shocking video emerged yesterday of a tiger on the loose on the streets of Doha – a timely reminder of the dangers of keeping wild animals.

Alarming videos and pictures were shared on social media yesterday after a tiger was seen roaming on one of Doha’s main highways.

The animal is seen falling from a truck in one video, and is then filmed roaming through traffic in the Al Rayan area of Doha:

This video shows the moment the tiger fell from the truck – thankfully, the animal appears to be relatively unharmed:

The Doha authorities have said they now have custody of the animal.

Prominent Emirati commentator and columnist Sultan Al Qassemi shared the video to his 427,000 Twitter followers yesterday to comment on the domestication of exotic animals in the GCC:

Subsequent video show a man reaching underneath a red SUV and putting a chain around the tiger’s neck before leading it away.

There are then photos of the tiger with the chain around its neck and loose again, suggesting the tiger managed to run away even after the man placed a chain around its neck: tiger Photo: Twitter Adel_Almalki

Last year, an escaped cheetah cub was found in the north of Doha, with authorities seeking out its owner.

This is what the Ministry Of Interior had to say about yesterday’s incident:

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