Our pick of the movies out in Dubai cinemas this week is The Jungle Book, a new adaptation of the classic story, with an A-list cast.

Here are all the flicks you’ll be able to go see from today…


You already know the story of this Rudyard Kipling classic: a young boy called Mowgli (played by newcomer Neel Sethi) gets lost in the jungle and ends up being raised by wild animals. In the new film, the story has been updated and features some A-list voice talent that includes Bill Murray as Baloo the bear, Ben Kingley as Bagheera the panther, Scarlett Johansson as Ka the snake and Idris Elba as the murderous tiger Sheer Khan, who’s not happy with the ‘man-cub’ trespassing in his jungle. Combine the stellar cast with a classic tale and superb visual effects and you’ve got a must-watch.


The premise for this film is a little wacky, but stay with us because the cast is pretty cool, and includes Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones. Ryan Reynolds plays Bill Pope, CIA agent who [spoiler alert] dies during a mission to foil a terrorist attack. In order to access crucial information that only Pope knew, an experimental neurosurgeon implants his memories into death row inmate Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner), who’s tasked with finishing the mission. It’s an odd mix of action and sci-fi, but the cast will keep you glued to the screen.