About to take driving lessons in Dubai? You might want to check your instructor isn’t breaking any of these rules…

More than 50 driving instructors in Dubai have been found guilty of breaching the code of conduct when training new drivers.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently cracked down on the emirate’s driving institutes, and fined 57 driving instructors during the initiative.

Plans to introduce cameras inside the training vehicles have also been revealed, in an effort to ensure the right students are appearing for their classes and that everyone is being trained properly.

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These are the rules for driving instructors:

Teaching driving without a permit – Dhs200

Providing training with an expired permit – Dhs250

Training a trainee with an expired permit – Dhs100

Training an instructor without a training permit issued from the authorities – Dhs500

Making phone calls during training – Dhs200

Leaving the trainee alone during the lesson – Dhs100

Eating, drinking, smoking, reading or sleeping during training – Dhs100

Placing any material on the side, back or front window which may obstruct vision during training – Dhs150

Not adhering to the lanes – Dhs200

Not parking the vehicles at the driving institute at the end of the working hours – Dhs200

Starting a lesson from the residence of the trainee – Dhs1,000

Starting a lesson at any non-designated area – Dhs1,000

Training of trainers holding permits from outside the Emirate – Dhs1,000

Interruption or obstruction of the agency inspector’s work – Dhs500

The yearly investigation by the RTA seeks to ensure that learner drivers are getting proper value for their time and money.

Speaking to Gulf NewsAhmad Hashem Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “What the inspectors look for could be as simple as whether the instructors are wearing their badges, do have their permits renewed, are they teaching the right skills, are students attending the correct number of classes…

“It serves as a reminder for driving institutes and instructors of their responsibilities and duties.”

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Behroozian also mentioned that there were plans to introduce a smart monitoring system at driving schools, which would allow students to log in and out of their classes electronically.

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Photo: Getty