Muchachas Mexican Cantina will open next month near Safa Park. Details here…

Are you a fan of Tom & Serg, The Sum of Us and Common Grounds? Well we have good news for you, the lads behind the brand are opening another Dubai restaurant next month, but this one will serve up contemporary Mexican food.

While they’re being a bit cagey on exact details, we do know the fifth outlet from Tom & Serg will be called Muchachas Mexican Cantina and will be deep in the ‘burbs in Jumeirah, near Safa Park.

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What will the food be like? Well they’re promising a menu that’s “crunchy, zingy, zesty, salty and sweet” (so basically everything, then). They also say that the dishes will be “made for sharing”, which will either be music to your ears or your worst nightmare if you’re more of a three course, “I’ll have the steak” kind of person.

Here’s a glimpse of what the food will look like…

muchachas mexican cantina

muchachas mexican cantina

The venue will be licensed, and they’ve said that the drinks will be “energetic, punchy and vibrant” (beyond Red Bull we’ve never required a beverage to have ‘energy’, but we’re open to it).

What about the look of the restaurant? Well it will be very feminine – with neon lights, quirky art and a lot of pastels.

Here’s a glimpse of the decor (radical)…


This will also be the first restaurant from the Tom & Serg team that you’ll need a dinner reservation for, so make sure to phone ahead once it’s open.

We’ll keep you posted on when it will be opening and its menu and location, but at least now there’s something to look forward to in Dubai in July.

For more info see the website