Emirates has been voted the world’s best airline many a time, and for good reason.

However, one disgruntled passenger seems to have had a rather bad experience and is set to sue the airline.

Why? Well, Italian lawyer Giorgio Destro claims that his flight was uncomfortable due to a larger passenger sitting next to him on his nine-hour Cape Town to Dubai trip.

Destro is a gold member with Emirates, but the airline was unable to move him to a different seat due to the flight being full.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Mattino Padova, Destro said, “For nine hours, I had to stand in the aisle, sit on seats reserved for the cabin crew when they were free, and in the final phase of flight resign myself to suffer the ‘spillover’ of the passenger at my side.”

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Here’s a picture Destro took of his situation:


Destro is asking for Dhs11,380 in compensation for the flight.

That includes Dhs3,132 for the ticket and a further Dhs8,247 in damages.


Well, as it stands, Emirates has yet to comment on Destro’s predicament.

The case will be heard on October 20 in Padua, Italy.


Obesity is a hot topic aboard flights, with some airlines suggesting that larger passengers book two seats to avoid any hassle.

However, this policy is rarely enforced – as it may be considered discriminatory for an airline to suggest that somebody purchase two seats. After all, should tall passengers have to block the seat in front of them due to the fact their legs will constantly be hitting against the back of said seat?

After a 2011 flight, an Australian man sued Etihad due to reportedly suffering injuries after flying next to a larger passenger from Dubai to Sydney. As of last year there had been no further reports on the legal conclusions of the case.

Meanwhile, Samoa Air in the Pacific Islands charges passengers by weight. The policy was implemented by the small plane airline in 2012, and as their website notes, “your weight plus your baggage items is what you pay for. Simple.” When the new payment system was first put through people paid Dhs2.35 per kilo (including bags).

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