Ever thought the Dubai Metro could use a bit of jazzing up? So did this guy…

We know. Commuting is boring.

While the Dubai Metro is a great way of getting around, we don’t often have the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your taste) of street performers taking to the metro as a means of entertaining the public.

One man, however, decided to whip out his saxophone on a commute recently, jazzing up the trip.

Check out the video here:



While a performance like this on the Dubai Metro is rare, it’s not the first time it’s happened (and hopefully not the last).

Beatboxer FaithSFX uploaded a video of himself three years ago breaking it down amidst crowds of Dubai commuters.

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FaithSFX has done a similar video inside Mall of the Emirates’ Virgin Megastore outlet as well.

Plus, if you’ve ever been to London, Paris, or other major cities, you’ll have likely encountered street performers inside public transport – putting on a show before asking for a donation.

In New York, however, they’ve moved on from music, with performers using the centre poles inside the metro carriage to break dance and bring out impressive acrobatics in the carriage.

Wait for the guy in red. It’s not normal to be that flexible…

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