This breakfast is an early-morning adrenalin rush to trump any caffeine kick…

Has your morning bowl of muesli at the kitchen table become too mundane? Perhaps tucking into a breakfast feast suspended 50 metres above the Dubai Marina will pique your interest. Well you now can, as Dinner in the Sky has just launched in Dubai (it’ll be running in the city until May).

We tried it, here’s how it went…

Fearless foodies can choose from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, and will be hoisted by a crane into the air, to dine suspended over the city for one exhilarating hour.


Coffee with a view

The concept began in Belgium and Germany 10 years ago, and has spread to over 40 countries worldwide.

We tried it early on Monday morning and after last calls for bathroom breaks (there’s no toilet in the sky), and a red-carpet arrival, a charming staff member strapped us into our bucket seat at the “sky platform”.


The host talks you through the whole experience

As nerves around the table started to set in, the host assured everyone they’ve not had a single safety blip in a decade of existence.

Twenty-five per cent of diners taking part are afraid of heights, he says, but after five minutes or so everyone is “used to it”.

We hoped so for our neighbour’s sake: his grip on the table was turning his knuckles white.


This is what you see if you look down…

After being hoisted smoothly into the air, the Ritz Carlton chefs introduced breakfast – which begins with a plate of fruit, freshly-made muesli, a muffin, a croissant and a raspberry smoothie. 

Five minutes passed and – as predicted – our neighbour had relinquished his grip on his table and found his appetite. Despite a wobble or two, no-one batted an eyelid as the crane rotated the table a full 180 degrees.

Besides, everyone was far too interested in ensuring selfies were taken with every changing backdrop.


The chefs whipped up our eggs from 50 metres above the ground

For the brave, the chairs can also fully swivel around, and recline.

Finally, a steaming plate of scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, grilled tomato and hash brown was laid out in front of us.


There are lights on the platform (for those dining at night)

About an hour after first taking flight, we were back on the ground, and thankful no-one dropped an iPhone or knife over the side.

Dinner in the Sky UAE, Mina Seyahi, Al Sofouh Road, Al Seyahi Street, Dubai, weekdays 2.40pm until 11.10pm and weekends from 11.50am until 12.35am. Dinner in the Sky will run ‘for the next four or five months’ according to the organisers. Tel: (02) 5558178.

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Images & video: Kristina Nabieva. Video editing: Donnie Miguel.