Dobro pozhalovat…

Anyone who has walked around JBR or spent time on Dubai’s beaches will know how popular a tourist destination our fair city is with Russian visitors (especially at this time of year when it’s truly freezing for them back home).

Well, the good news for all those wanting to catch some sun in the UAE it that the rules have just changed so that Russians can now get visas on arrival when visiting the Emirates.

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All Russians will be granted a 30-day entry visa on arrival, which is renewable only once (so they could stay for up to 60 days).

More than 600,000 Russian tourists have visited the UAE over the past two years, and there are 56 weekly flights between the two countries.

UAE citizens still have to get a pre-approved visa for travel to Russia (you can find out more details about that here).

This news comes a year after the UAE allowed visas on arrival for Chinese visitors. Many other countries are eligible for visas on arrival, including Andorra, Brunei, the UK, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more. And yes, people from the United States of America are given visas on arrival too.

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