This Dubai princess has a penchant for leaping out of planes.

Some royals enjoy attending high teas and polo matches. Dubai’s royals, however, are a little more hardcore (like Sheikh Hamdan)

But he’s not the only adventurous Maktoum – amazing photos of HH Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum have been shared on Instagram, showcasing her extreme (and extremely Instagrammable) hobby: Skydiving.

The stunning snaps were taken by her friend, Juan Mayer, who has also published a book of skydiving photography called Ultimate High.

“I met her back in the early days of skydiving when she was starting out in the sport,” Mayer told

“As she got more advanced we started collaborating on projects, such as one for National Day where for the first time in history, wingsuiters jumped with flags sewn on to their suits. We’ve also done many big wingsuit formations as well as freeflying jumps from balloons.”

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Mayer said Sheikha Latifa was one of his favourite subjects to photograph in the air, thanks to her energy and dedication to the sport. The pair have made more than 1000 jumps together.

He revealed the sport is harder than it looks (you don’t say!), with the adventurous royal managing to strike her cool-as-a-cucumber poses while freefalling at speeds of 200 kilometres an hour or more.

“It’s a mixture of gymnastic moves mixed with skydiving to create a totally unique sport,” he told

“I’m really thankful to HH Sheikha Latifa for being such a passionate skydiver, but also for trusting my photography and giving me the opportunity to do what I love.”

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Images: Juan Mayer/Instagram