It looks like the glorious time of year during which we actually get to wear tights and boots is going to continue this week…

Sure, we get rainy and cloudy days in Dubai, but they’re usually interspersed with sun: the past few weeks, however, have been an unusually steady stream of grey skies and drizzle (and we don’t know about you, but as long-time Dubai residents, we’ve been loving it).

Today isn’t going to be any different, with cloud cover and scattered rain continuing to build throughout the city – plus, it’s still officially tights and jackets weather, with the minimum temperature in Dubai dropping to a positively chilly 11 degrees Celsius. 

Here’s a chart showing the temperatures around the city as of 11.35 am (the 13.1 degrees Celsius reading is from the Burj Khalifa – where the relative humidity is a positively blow-dry-busting 90 per cent right now):

So yes, in coastal areas of the UAE the temperatures will dip to 11 degrees today, while peaking at 23. Temperatures inland will sit between 11 and 24 degrees Celsius, while the mountains will range between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius. 

The National Meteorology Service are anticipating that the humidity, which is at a strong average of 70 to 85 per cent right now, will increase overnight (so yes, there’s a high chance that we’ll wake up to fog tomorrow AM, so phones at the ready).

Here’s the status of the humidity across the UAE skies as of 11.30am (blue is light rain, yellow is moderate rain):

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Photo: Getty