Ferrari World has got a new rollercoaster that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing 64 metres above ground.

Called the Turbo Track, the ride is broken up into three parts. First up, participants will get an on-screen training and performance analysis in the “briefing room” before you board the ride. The coaster then will see you hold on to dear life as it shoots out of the roof at 102 kilometres per hour. And once you’ve reached the top, you’ll plummet vertically back down again.

The ride features front-facing and back-facing seats, so you can try it both ways – if you’re so inclined.

The whole experience is aimed at letting the brave souls who dare to ride Turbo Track experience “what it’s like to become a Ferrari test driver.”

So when can you have a go? The ride is expected to open at the end of March. Keep an eye on this space for the latest updates.