Make it click guys, because you’ll now pay (literally) for not wearing a seat belt in the UAE, no matter where you’re sitting…

If a typical drive to Waitrose for you involves the kids playing rough and tumble in the back, you’ll want to make sure they’re safely secured from now on (well, you should have any way, but that’s another conversation).

Why now in particular? Well, a new law has just been approved in the UAE, making it compulsory to buckle up for everyone traveling in a vehicle.

Until now, only the driver and the passenger seated in the front were required to wear a seatbelt.

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But now, if anyone is riding anywhere in a car unrestrained, they’ll be slapped with a whopping Dhs400 fine, and will receive four black points on their licence.

It’s a move that’s been a long time coming in the UAE – following a number of road safety campaigns, and concerns about a trend where adults were allowing children to sit on their laps while driving.

Dubai Police have also been long-time supporters of the changes, and had been vocal about their desires to bring UAE laws into line with other developed countries.

Some other points of the law changes…

– A driver illegally transporting passengers commercially now faces a fine of Dhs3,000, up from Dhs200, and a hefty 24 black points (up from 4), and the vehicle will be impounded for a whole month (up from one week). This applies to anyone driving passengers without a permit, and aims to cut down the amount of unlicensed drivers operating minibuses and private taxis.

– Children up to four-years-old must sit in special child seats.

– Children aged over 10 can now sit in the front of the car, so long as they are at least 145 cm tall.

– You can actually tint your windows more heavily now. The new law allows 50 per cent window tints, up from 30 per cent.

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