Ok, not going to lie, we already thought this was a thing.

Until recently, residents of Dubai thought that they were free to wander about the streets, urinating in public willy-nilly without fear of repercussion.

Well, no more. Dubai Municipality have put their foot down, announcing last week the launch of a campaign to combat public urination that carries some pretty stiff fines for violators.

A fine of Dhs500 will be handed out on the spot to those caught, ahem, literally with their pants down. The fine is then doubled to Dhs1,000 for repeat offenders.

It turns out that this law has actually been in place for a decade, although not many people are conscious of it. So, we were right!

In order to raise awareness, 700 plates have been installed across Deira, Bur Dubai and central business districts, including Satwa, Al Sabkha and Naif.

Speaking to Gulf News, Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of waste management at Dubai Municipality said “Nearly 700 posters have been plastered throughout the city, especially in areas located behind buildings, alleyways, and places next to dilapidated buildings,”

The posters are written in Arabic, Urdu and English and carry a cautionary message aimed at would be offenders.

The campaign is part of an initiative to promote better environmental, cultural and community awareness, with Saifaie noting that “This is a permanent campaign, and the posters will remain on walls until they expire and have to be replaced with new ones,”

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