There are few noodles we’re more passionate about than ramen.

Dubai’s food scene has almost everything. Want amazing cheap Iraqi-style fish? We’ve got it. Hankering for a Melbournian flat white? You can find those here. Fancy a five-star curry with Dubai Fountain views in an Armani-branded hotel? We’ve got you covered. Want to eat at one of Europe or LA’s trendiest restaurant brands? You can.

There’s one thing that’s been lacking, however, and that’s a shop dedicated to the art of the humble noodle’s most glorious soup dish: ramen.

Well, a new shop called Yui is opening in the next week or two in Dubai Design District (aka, the city’s new foodie hotspot – we’re calling it) that will be dedicated to healthy ramen noodles and onigiri (aka, rice balls – these make the perfect snacks).

When exactly the restaurant will open we’re not yet sure of – but we do know it will be in the next week or so, and we’ll definitely keep you updated.

Here’s a glimpse of what the food will look like:

The store will also sell detox juices, Japanese bakery goods and will serve speciality coffee. The coffee part of the store will be run by Fuglen, a famous Norwegian coffee and cocktail brand that’s also taken off in Tokyo. 

Here’s an idea of what it will look like from the inside (note, it’s still under construction in this picture):


Besides ramen and Norwegian coffee (a random combo, but we’ll take it) the new site in D3 will also be home to Frame and Dwell, design stores selling Japanese fashion, cool homewares and vintage records. Brands on offer include Medium (Japanese toys), Hasami Porcelain (from Japan), L:A Bruket beauty products from Sweden and heaps of Japanese clothing labels.

Here’s a sample: 

In the store you’ll also be able to pick up Qusamara, beautiful, bonsai-style succulents and cacti that have been styled into unique compositions. 

Fast (and random) fact: The interior design of the store, coffee shop and ramen restaurant was done by Yamasaki Hirokazu, who also happens to be the guitarist in Japanese rock band Toe.

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Photos: Supplied