Sponsored content: Here’s how you can discover Abu Dhabi by yacht with just a few clicks, and for way less than the price of a brunch…

In many cities around the world, you’re able to drive along the coastline and get a real sense of the place from the shore.
But Abu Dhabi is unique, with its hundreds of islands and many natural mangroves, it’s definitely a place to be explored by boat.
The good news is, there’s now a super easy way to book one. There’s a new boat rental service in town called CharterClick – and the concept is a bit like Uber, except it’s for yachts.

Here are three wonderful boats you can rent from them, hassle free, all online, just with a few clicks…


This beautiful 126-foot-long sailing motor yacht was built in Turkey in 2003 and given a full facelift in 2012. It’s a four-sail yacht that can achieve up to 10 knots, no electricity needed. There’s a swinging chair (pictured) and you can try water walking from the yacht (yes actually). The boat fits 90 people so is perfect for big parties. It also, rather awesomely, embarks at Emirates Palace. Oh, and importantly, the crew on this yacht have a great reputation.

COST? It’s Dhs4,000 to charter the yacht per hour (and you need to take it for at least two hours). But, when you consider that it can fit 90 people that’s Dhs44 an hour. In fact, even if you can just get 20 mates together it’s Dhs200 an hour. Not bad at all.
Book it with just a few clicks here.


This speedboat is docked near the beautiful mangrove national park, so book it for a few hours to spot the birds of the mangroves. It’s a wonderful morning out and a must-do for anyone living here (and visitors too).
COST? It’s Dhs800 per hour and fits 10 people. So yes, Dhs80 per person. Again, not bad.
Book it with just a few clicks here.


Now this is cool – you can ride through the Yas Marina and see the modernities of the Yas Circuit while bobbing along in a traditional UAE dhow that you have all to yourself (no other tourists to annoy you). This is definitely one for when you have visitors in town (they’ll get some great pictures).
COST? Dhs1,000 per hour, and it fits 25 people so that’s a very doable Dhs40 an hour. Even if you can only rustle up 10 people that’s still only Dhs100 for the whole hour.
Book it with just a few clicks here.


Keen to go out for an early-morning fishing expedition? Which is still surprisingly doable over the summer… well then definitely book the 31 Gulf Craft Dolphin Deluxe Sport. At 31 feet it’s got all the fishing accouterments as well as a swimming ladder if you want a dip.
COST? Dhs550 per hour for 10 people, so Dhs55 per person.
Book it with just a few clicks here.


What’s On has teamed up with CharterClick to offer you guys a 5 per cent discount when booking your boat over the next month. Be sure to enter the promo code WHATSONAD, valid until the end of May.

Our mates in Dubai tried CharterClick recently, and here’s what they saw…

We’ll see you out on the water…