From the Dubai Metro to Jebel Hafeet, now you can race around the streets of Dubai

Fans of video games take note, the latest installment of realistic racing simulator Forza Motorsport 7 will include a Dubai-based circuit.

Rather than recreating an actual stretch of road, as you can see from the video below the game mashes up many recognisable locations from around the UAE and combines them to make one pretty awesome looking track.

Some highlights include Dubai Airport,  Jebel Hafeet’s Mercure Hotel, an epic shot of the Dubai skyline and, our personal favourite, an honest-to-goodness Salik toll gate.

Oh, and there’s loads and loads of desert to race around in, of course.

Developed by Microsoft, the game will feature a total of 700 playable cars and 30 international locations and is due out in October for both Windows and Xbox One.

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