All over the UAE, people are filling fridges with food to be given to the country’s labourers free of charge during the Holy Month. Here’s where you’ll find them in Abu Dhabi

Want to give back during Ramadan? You can do your bit by helping to fill one of the city’s Ramadan sharing fridges. The idea is a simple one that has really captured the public’s imagination this year (which just so happens to be the Year Of Giving in the UAE) – there’s currently 19 permit-approved fridges in the capital that are being re-stocked on a daily basis by members of the public with food for the emirate’s hard-working labourers. There’s more than 70 up the road in Dubai.

So how can you get involved? First off, become a member of the Abu Dhabi Facebook group SharingCaringFridges in the UAE-ABU DHABI. On there you’ll find a list of sharing fridges in the capital.

You’ll find the fridges all over the emirate, in places such as Beach Towers on Reem Island, in Al Forsan, outside Art House Cafe in Al Bateen, in Hydra Village on Reem Island, at the men’s mosque on Saadiyat Island and also in Al Ain.

Here’s the list from the Facebook page.

Then all you have to do is turn up with some food and restock your chosen fridge but what you decide to put in the fridges is also important: go for pre-packed goods, such as cartons of drinks and bottles of water, and fruit, biscuits and yoghurts but don’t cook dishes at home or make sandwiches.

If you know of any more sharing fridges in the capital, let us know and we’ll add them to this list.

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