Looking to ship a Ferrari to the Amalfi Coast for the weekend, Emirates has you covered.

Emirates ships all kinds of cargo to its 150 destinations globally and, yes, that includes supercars.

In a video released to social media, the Dubai-based airline showed off the meticulous procedures its SkyCargo division takes in order to transport high value and premium automobiles around the world.

The car in question is the first automobile of its kind to be designed and built entirely in the UAE, and the video shows it being carefully loaded into an Emirates Boeing 777 to be shipped to France, where it will be exhibited during the ’24 hours of Le Mans’ race in Lyon.

Inspired by classic sports cars from the 1960s, the Jannarellly Design-1 is manufactured by Jannarelly Automotive with Equation Composites LLC, the first company to be granted a car manufacturing license in the country.

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The retro-futuristically styled supercar is built using hi-tech composite materials and valued upwards of US$90,000 (approx Dhs330,000) depending on the cusomisations it comes preloaded with.

Emirates worked with a specialist freight forwarding company to facilitate the transportation of the Design-1 and offers similar specialised solutions via its SkyWheels service.

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