The dry period in Dubai will last for one full day ahead of Eid Al Adha…

Authorities have confirmed that the first day of Eid Al Adha will fall on Friday September 1.

Remember this means that there is a dry night in Dubai, beginning from sunset on Wednesday August 30 (so, tonight) until sunset on Thursday August 31. So actually the dry night is a dry day.

We’ve had confirmation from some Dubai outlets that this will definitely be the 24-hour-window that is dry.

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Many of you will be very familiar with this concept, however some of you who are newer to Dubai might not.

So, here’s an explainer: during a dry day, no alcohol is served across Dubai and the UAE. This applies to all outlets, including hotels. And although we can’t confirm a set time right now, typically this will mean you won’t be served alcoholic drinks on Thursday August 31 until after 7pm.

What about the public holidays? Government officials in the UAE will be off from Thursday August 31, with work resuming on Monday September 4. While private sector workers have Thursday to Saturday off, returning to work on Sunday.

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