There are iPhones and fitness bands also up for grabs…

In the lead up to Public Transport Day on November 1, the RTA has announced a series of competitions open to all residents who travel using any of Dubai’s many public transport services.

Kicking off today (October 23) and running until the first of next month, there will be three distinct categories, each carrying some pretty awesome prizes.

First up, the two most frequent commuters on public transport who amass the most rides on their nol Card between now and Public Transport Day will receive a cash prize of Dhs50,000.

Nice and simple, and by our calculations,at the Dhs3 a pop for the shortest metro ride that would have you sorted for over 16,000 future rides.

The second competition is a public transport race in line with the Dubai Fitness Challenge that launched over the weekend. This will take place on November 1 and is open to the public. Participants will be split into teams and be required to use all methods of public transport (that includes, metro, tram, bus and water taxi), stopping at stations to perform exercises as they go.

The team who collects the most stamps upon reaching the final station will win a Dhs50,000 cash prize, with second and third place walking away with Dhs30,000 and Dhs15,000 respectively.

The third competition is a citywide scavenger hunt. Clues will be given over the RTA’s social media accounts about the location of a ‘Golden Runner’ who can be found at three different RTA stations every day between now and November 1. Prizes for tracking the runner down include iPhone 8s, Apple Watches and Fitbits.

In a statement about the launch of the competition, Moaza Al Marri, Director of RTA’s Marketing and Corporate Communications said: “RTA always seeks to bring happiness to the public, particularly mass transit users and encourage them to pursue physical activities and exercises during their daily commute in the vibrant emirate of Dubai, which strives to be the smartest city worldwide,”

You can find full details of the competition on the RTA website.

So what are you waiting for? Nol cards at the ready, people.

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