The team on the ground told us it will open in about a week!

XDubai, the people that brought you that epic zipline over The Dubai Fountain, are back with a brand new feat’ for all adrenaline junkies in Dubai to try.

Residents of Dubai Marina may have noticed wires being strung across the water near the Dubai Marina Mall recently. Well, the famous XLine has recently re-appeared across Dubai Marina, and it looks like it’s going to be equally as exciting as the first.

Described as the world’s longest urban zipline, the line stands at 170 meters tall at the launch platform, and runs right the way across the Marina, ending at The Address next to Marina Mall. It looks like it starts at the very top of a tower in Marina Promenade (so yes, you’ll basically launch off of a skyscraper):

It’s one for speed fiends too, as XDubai has said it will reach speeds of 60kmh just 2.5 seconds after you launch off.

And that’s not all, the one kilometre line will also be a double line, meaning you and a friend can zip across the Marina at the same time. That’s right, a zip line for two.

Here’s a video of the zipline route (click to play):

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Exact details of opening hours haven’t yet been released, but it will be priced from Dhs650 for a solo rider, and Dhs1200 for a couple.

In the meantime, let’s relive the XLine near Dubai Mall:

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Images: What’s On