Feast your eyes upon this…

The world’s tallest building has been recreated in gingerbread.

A 14-metre tall Burj Khalifa, constructed entirely out of the delicious medium, now stands proudly at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (you can find it near the B gates).

As with any great piece of gingerbread architecture, icing is key to the tower’s structural integrity:

The impressive feat of engineering is part of the airport’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ village, which features plenty of festive entertainment for travellers.

It was created by The Address Hotel in Dubai Marina’s culinary team, led by head chef Avinash Mohan and six engineering professionals.

The team meticulously constructed the show-stopping replica in 432 hours, using more than 30,000 gingerbread panels, 180 kilograms of flour, over 1,600 kilos of icing sugar, 216 litres of honey and 23 kilos of ginger powder.

It’s not the first time the Burj Khalifa has been rendered in biscuit form. In previous years, the Address Dubai Marina has also erected an edible version of the iconic tower in their own lobby.

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