This A380 flight was carried out entirely by women…

Thursday is International Women’s Day, and Dubai-based airline Emirates has paid tribute to its female employees in a cool new video.

The clip offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a recent flight from Dubai to San Francisco, which was prepared and operated entirely by women.

Watch the video of the “superwomen flight” here:

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The Emirates A380 aircraft was piloted by Captain Patricia Bischoff from Canada and First Officer Rebecca Lougheed from the UK, with cabin crew led by the purser Weronica Formela from Poland.

As well as the flight crew, an all-women team worked on all ‘above wing’ and ‘below wing’ activities in the lead-up to flight departure, including ramp operations, flight dispatch, catering, security and more.

In total, a team of more than 75 women from more than 25 nationalities – including Emirati women – worked on the flight.

Women make up over 40 per cent of the workforce at Emirates, with the majority working as cabin crew.

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