Plus, Dubai is set to get double-decker buses…

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Now, here’s the good news: Buses on the route are set to get a rather luxurious upgrade. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the purchase of 143 deluxe Volvo coaches, to be deployed on inter-city services.

The coaches, which can accommodate 55 passengers, are fitted with Euro 6 power efficient engines with low carbon emissions. They will offer free internet service, USB portals for charging mobile phones, footrests, and cup holders.

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Dubai is also getting 79 double-decker buses (yes, like the iconic London ones), which will be used in urban areas. These buses can accommodate 100 passengers, and will also have free internet service and USB portals.

The RTA has also purchased 94 medium-sized Optare buses, which will serve new communities and other areas which are not easily accessible to larger buses. These will have space for 33 passengers.

The new buses, which cost Dhs465 million, are part of the RTA’s master plan to upgrade mass transit systems in Dubai. By 2019, the emirate’s bus fleet will total 2085.

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