For the first time in 7 years, the 5-piece boyband delivered a stellar set at both their Media City gig and Meydan after-party…

It’s been one of the city’s most anticipated gigs, and on Friday night, Backstreet Boys took to the stage at the Media City Amphitheatre to deliver an epic line up of their classic 90s hits.

But it wasn’t just Media City who got a taste of the boyband action, as the five-piece headed to White Dubai after the concert. And as well as delighting fans with a live PA, the band even performed some of their most famous songs at the after-party. It was the first time the group had performed an after-party gig in seven years.

Here’s a round up of some of your best pics:

From the gig…

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From the after party…

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It was a major weekend for the Meydan super club, who celebrated the fourth anniversary of their Saturday ladies’ night, URBN, yesterday too. Originally Tyga was set to perform at the annual celebration, although after some dispute, it was confirmed he would not.

“We were advised by an agent that Tyga was available on Saturday April 21 so we agreed and signed a contract” explains Elie Saba, White’s general manager. “However the contract was breached with us and a separate deal was done, and we wanted to set the record straight on that” he added.

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Images: Supplied/ Instagram